LWLF Endowment Fund

Insuring that we go the distance

The Life’s Worth Living Foundation is a Non-Profit Foundation 501(c)3, registered in the State of Utah. We are involved with raising awareness, educating, and preventing suicides. Currently, Utah ranks 4th in the United States in Suicide. Every 40 seconds someone in the U.S. attempts suicide, and every 12.8 minutes someone dies by suicide. It is the leading cause of death for children 10-17 in Utah.

We are continually raising money toward our permanent endowment. This fund has been established on behalf of Foundation donors where by all contributions are professionally managed to provide a steady income. The principle in the fund continues to grow with every contribution and only the interest is available for use toward long-term organizational programs specific to the fund. Standard donation amount is $100. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

All of the proceeds go directly to the endowment fund in support of our cause to raise awareness, educate, and prevent suicides. The specific purposes for which the endowment fund is used are:

  • To assist in the Burial Costs of community members as needed and as determined by the Foundation Board of Directors. *I.E. Headstone, Plot, Casket, Funeral Expenses etc.
  • To help defray the cost of therapy for individuals and families affected by Suicide.
  • To fund annual Scholarship Program
  • Other

All officers and staff at Life’s Worth Living Foundation are volunteers. We work hard to ensure that every dollar spent counts. We run a 24/7 crisis hotline (435)248-LIVE. We host a Web site at www.Lifesworthlivingfoundation.org as well as stay connected with the public via social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We have a monthly support group for those struggling with suicidal thoughts and those that have lost loved ones to suicide. We hold trainings throughout our community, in local churches, at the local college, and other locations to teach suicide prevention to youth and their parents. In addition, we work closely with local community leaders, business leaders, military, hospital and schools in aspects of suicide prevention, education and awareness.

Although we do so much with so little, succeeding in our goal of stopping suicide requires funds. Your support makes winning that fight possible. We hope you will consider supporting us in this cause with a $100 donation. In turn we continue to fight this battle hand in hand with the goal of drastically reducing the number of suicides here at home in Utah.

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